Salem Missionary Baptist Church

In Salem also is His tabernacle, and His dwelling place in Zion.† Psalm 76.2

The Salem Missionary Baptist Church began worshipping together in September 1964 after Rev. Dr. Freddie F. Brunswick and a group of persons formerly a part of the Mt. Zion Baptist Church of Jamaica, New York felt led to separate themselves.

Initially meeting in a rented hall, they soon purchased the property on the corner of 180th Street and 140th Avenue in Springfield Gardens. That property contained two buildings.† One was used as the worship Center the other as a parsonage to house the pastor and his family.† The ministry experienced steady growth and later purchased a piece of property adjacent to its existing location.† They broke ground for the new sanctuary in 1984, however due to financial concerns the work continued at a slow pace.† The pastor later purchased a home across the street from the church and building that formerly served as a parsonage was converted to the main worship Center.† That building later experienced a fire forcing the church to briefly relocate to a rented facility several blocks away.† The worship center was restored and expanded and serves till this day as the main Worship Center.

Despite the many challenges and hardships the ministry has continued to strive and to invest into its future by slowing making progress in completing the new sanctuary. The foundation and basement level has been completed and the steel girders and first floor girths have been installed.

Through the various ministries of the church many persons have had the opportunity to increase their leadership skills.† Through our educational ministry the church has established a scholarship fund that has provided a monthly stipend during the undergraduate years to over fifty individuals.

The ministry has also played an important role in the community through its outreach ministries that continue to meet the needs of the residents of Springfield Gardens.† The church provides leadership to our local civic association as well as playing an active part in the local, state and national denominational bodies.

The church is affiliated with the American Baptist Churches USA; the National Baptist Convention, Inc.; the Empire Baptist State Convention and the Eastern Baptist Association.

There have been many milestones achieved and many preachers that have been birthed through this ministry, including our current Senior Pastor, Rev. Dr. David L. Brunswick.† He is both a son of the church and the founding pastor.

With Godís help we will reach our goal of completing this new edifice and expanding the ministry opportunities for this congregation.† Until that time we will continue to be a beacon of light in our community and an inspiration in this world by spreading the Word of God and sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ. Amen!


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