Salem Missionary Baptist Church

In Salem also is His tabernacle, and His dwelling place in Zion.  Psalm 76.2

Meet Our Ministry Leaders

Deacons Ministry

Deacon Bryan McKelvie, Sr. Chairman

Deacon William Wright, Vice Chairman

Deacon Samuel Davis

Deacon Stanley Singleton


Trustee Ministry

Deacon Samuel Davis, Chairman

Deaconess Deloris Benn

Deaconess Roberta Davis

Sister Donna Hawkins Gardner

Sister Lela Garrett



Deaconess Ministry

Deaconess Henrietta King, President

Deaconess Roberta Davis

Deaconess Mozel Jones

Deaconess Barbara Collins

Deaconess Bessie Allen


Church Clerk

            Sister Eunice White


Presidents of Ministries

Sunday School

Educational Council

Baptist Training Union

Nurse’s Unit

Choir #1

Voices of Praise

Imani Youth Ministry


Pulpit Aide

Floral Guild

Willing Workers


First Lady Support

Community Awareness










Deacon Alton Benn

Deacon Norman Reese




Deacon Stanley Singleton, Vice Chairman

Deaconess Henrietta King

Sister Callie Smith

Sister Maleka Stephens




Deaconess Deloris Benn, Vice President

Deaconess Annie Murph

Deaconess Priscilla McElvie






Sis. Danita Jordon, Assistant




Superintendent Clara Sanders

Sister Louise Patterson

Deacon Stanley Singleton

Sister Callie Smith

Sister Christine Johnson

Sister Alisa White

Sister Aaliyah Saunders

Deaconess Roberta Davis

Sister Glenda Lynch

Deaconess Deloris Been

Sister Annie Clinkscale

Sister Danita Jordon

Sister Felicia Faye Govantes-Llanos

Brother Robert Croom